Do it yourself: iPad 2 light bleeding check tool

This page shows you how to construct a home made tool to check the light bleeding "feature" of the iPad 2, and potentially other LCD screens, that you can take with yourself to the store to check your newly purchased unit.


I am a big fan of the Apple products, in my opinion they really do work well, most of the time better that those of the competition. Having said that, their even Apple makes mistakes, their iPad 2's has a big screen problem, that got through QA, and as it turns out, even some of the original iPads have it to some degree. In fact, you may already have read about the so called light bleeding or light leakage in forums all over the Internet. I was facing this same problem with my iPad 2, and it's been a hassle, to go to the store for days after days, and come home only to realize, the replacement has it too. Unlike others, I read about, with 7 or 8 replacements to go with yet, I have given up after the 3rd defective unit, and requested my money back. Nevertheless, I have not given up on Apple and iPads, but intend to buy a defect free unit. It is not possible to see the light bleeding problem in the perfused-with-light stores of Apple, so I decided to make a tool, that enables me to check it right away in the store. It's a simple iPad hat made of paper, as I call it, which has hole on top through which you can check the screen. Watch for your eyes with the corners!

iPad 2 light bleeding checker tool

The making of...

Without further robbing your time, here's the video. Tools and materials needed are scissors, bullet-point pen, ruler, stapler, and 4 pieces of A4 or letter sized papers (200g/m2). Tools you may have at home, but the thick paper you must go and buy, for the ordinary printer paper is too thin to effectively block light, and will not do for the tool.

Black image

Here's an all black image to test the light bleeding, it's 1024x768 pixels large, download it and save it to your device, then view it in pictures (in the video I used a custom developed App for this purpose).

All black image for thesting the iPad 2 light bleeding

After replacement nr. X...

No improvement on quality? Alternatively you can buy some other tablet, the best alternatives currently available are:
MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (Wi-Fi)
Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 16GB, Wi-Fi)

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